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Female Boxers

Female boxing has gained popularity and recognition in recent years. It's a testament to the strength, skill and determination of women in combat sports. Female boxers like Natasha Jonas, Katie Taylor and Terri Harper have become role models, inspiring more women to take up the sport and break gender barriers. 

Females are underrepresented in the sport, be that those that wish to just keep fit or progress to competition level.

Here at St Marys's ABC we have seen a steady increase in females attending and taking part, however, we are not satisfied and want more to attend as we continue to work towards greater gender equality and inclusitivity.

St Marys ABC is a really sociable place where you will meet loads of people - many of them just like you - and once you give it a go you will be hooked.

Anyone can box - you choose the way you train, the level of contact and the intesity you train at.

Classes begin at age 7 all the way through to Adults.

Please see right of this page for training times and prices.

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